Flirt, sex, serial, sleep: 45 incredible situations of Albanians at work

Shkruar nga Anabel

11 Nëntor 2019

Flirt, sex, serial, sleep: 45 incredible situations of Albanians at work

The following 45 cases were sent to a @anabel_hostel questionnaire on Instagram - prompted by this article - regarding the question "The most incredible / unprecedented thing I have done during business hours".

Flirt, sex, serial, sleep: 45 incredible situations of Albanians at work

1. I've been looking for another job.

2. I was super drunk and worked better than on any other day.

3. I flirted with the boss.

4. Put on headphones as if I'm listening to music so my colleagues won't talk to me.

5. I waxed my feet.

6. I fell asleep.

7. I handed over to the boss the empty file without doing the job he asked for. So he went to the meeting on blank sheets.

8. I had sex with my boyfriend. I closed the door, while we had the cameras in front. The Ishalla have not seen.

9. Masturbation.

10. I've seen Game of Thrones.

11. I cleaned my eyebrows because I had no sales.

12. I switched lines inside the office (ps covered the camera).

13. I had sex with the boss.

14. I took the cat with me and introduced myself as my baby.

15. I learned about exams.

16. I've seen a season of Peaky Blinders.

17. I've seen all the Hostel by Anabel series.

18. I gave a job interview on Skype for stewardess.

19. I was taken away as if I was sick in order to leave.

20. I slept in stock.

21. I taught others belly dance and how to dance.

22. I got the fortune teller to see the cup.

23. We played murlan, banaku vs. waiters.

24. I slept eight hours of sleep. The boss came and fired me.

25. I threw the Gray Goose (vodka) redbull inside.

26. I've seen porn.

27. I check my peers computer history and see they have seen porn.

28. I love Anabel, especially sex and relationships.

29. I sing with my head as if giving a concert while working in a hotel and supposed to be quiet.

30. Suppressing acne.

31. I threatened the client.

32. I finished a Turkish serial within a week.

33. I walked slowly to push the clocks because the owners were very scattered.

34. I read "Why do men love cunt?"

35. I went home, made love to my husband, and went back to work.

36. I was looking for another job.

37. I have had oral sex.

38. I have stolen some money. I do not regret that they deserved it.

39. I'm laid off during business hours.

40. I fell asleep that I wanted to leave home.

41. I stole the toilet paper that I used to buy.

42. I ate from peer food, secretly.

43. I always activate the alarm system, in vain for pleasure.

44. I talked with erotic messages during a meeting with the boss.

45. I have printed class projects in the office print.