The actress recounts how a car accident saved her life

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9 NĂ«ntor 2019

The actress recounts how a car accident saved her life

Jameela Jamil, whom we believe you all know from when she broke up with Kim Kardashian, told Cosmopolitan that a car accident, which could have resulted in fatalities, actually saved her life. The question naturally arises: What does the author want to say?

The Good Place actress, 33, was part of the modeling industry at the age of 17. Today, she speaks against promoting disordered eating habits.

"I was a model for a while, until I got hit by a car and ended up in a wheelchair, which really saved my life," she said. "Otherwise, I'd still be eating disordered models."

Jamil said that when he was a teenager, he was instructed by managers to smoke (not to put on weight) and make unhealthy practices part of the diet.

"I was told to eat only red peppers and take with me a small bag of sweets so that whenever I felt powerless, I got some sugar and felt eaten," the actress added.

Then, after getting involved in a car accident that resulted in a risk to her back - where she lay in bed for a year and then used wheelchairs for another six months - Jameela decided to assess her health.

For a long time, Jamil has emphasized the importance of accepting any form of body. In fact, she no longer sees herself in the mirror, according to a statement to People.

In June, Jameela criticized Kim Kardashian after the latter released the cream that covers the marks on the skin.

She said such a product is impractical, a waste of money and most of all makes people "not embrace" their skin and body. "I would prefer to make peace with my eczema and eczema," he wrote on Twitter. "Save money and time and just relax."

There were plenty of people who agreed with Jameela's opinion, but there were certainly many others who defended Kim saying that "as long as the product makes people feel good about themselves, that's the problem ? ". We add that Kim was inspired by her problem with psoriasis.

Likewise, other followers said that the cream is not only for those who have scars or feel unsafe with the skin, but may be useful for those working in areas such as modeling.

Albanian followers were of the opinion that "as long as the product makes people feel good" there is nothing to worry about.

The actress recounts how a car accident saved her life

Source: Cosmopolitan, People, Insider