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What does your blood type tell you

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8 Nëntor 2019

What does your blood type tell you

Did you know that everything that happens in our body is related to our blood type? Often it is not given the right importance, but your blood group has the power to warn of diseases to which we need to be more careful.


Women with blood group 0 have a higher tendency than women in other groups to be affected by infertility. Numerous studies have shown that these women risk ovulation of the oval deposit, that is to say, they have fewer eggs and result in less success with implantation of in vitro fertilization.

2. Memory loss

Believe it or not there is a connection between blood type and memory. The AB group tends to be affected by dementia, which consists in degradation of brain functions. According to statistics, people with AB blood group are 82% at risk of memory problems. The problem is thought to be related to a protein, which is found at high levels in the AB group.


Also if your blood belongs to the AB group there is a high probability that you will be hit by a thrombosis, a pathology that consists of blood clots.

4. Heart problems

Your blood type is capable of predicting how predisposed you are to being affected by heart disease. Having group 0 reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems, while group AB has a 23% chance of having this kind of disease. Group B on the other hand is 11% while group A is only 5% more than group 0. Generally group AB is associated with inflammation and group A is associated with high cholesterol levels.

5. Cancer

Group A or AB are more at risk, especially with gastric cancer.

Source: Bustle