4 steps on how to 'stop' nail eating!

Shkruar nga Anabel

6 Nëntor 2019

4 steps on how to 'stop' nail eating!

Eating nails is not only an aesthetic problem, but can later become a health problem by causing different bacteria to enter the body. We realize how difficult it can be to give up nails, but step by step you can do it.

1. Identify the reason

Be careful to understand the reason or reasons that force you to eat nails. Usually, many people do this when faced with a stressful situation, experiencing anxiety, boredom, etc. In similar situations, use something else like antistres.

2. Try to eliminate the habit gradually

Initially you may decide to grow at least one of the nails and the result will motivate you to the others.

3. Cover them

You can wear false nails or wear gloves during the winter.

4. Apply manicure with bitter taste

Once you have found the cause that makes you nail up, find another action as antistres and are ready to grow, apply a bitter manicure. Such a manicure, which you find in supermarkets, cosmetics stores or drugstores, prevents nail eating.

Source: American Academy of Dermatology