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5 habits that lead you to hanging chest

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5 Nëntor 2019

5 habits that lead you to hanging chest

Aside from the genes that we don't want to do their job, there are some mistakes we can avoid in order to have a raised chest.

1. Beware of the amount of recipes you buy.

Are you confused? Some studies suggest that reciprocals that do not provide much support, over time, cause chest pains. Make sure you get the right measure for your body.

On the other hand, a 15-year study published in 2013 concluded that women who do not use prescriptions have a less addictive breast than those who use them. The choice you make!

2. Do you drink enough water ?!

Yes, water also affects premature hanging of the chest. Dehydrated skin, consequently ends up hanging and the chest is no exception.

3. Tobacco is an enemy of the chest!

Tobacco consumption contributes to the hanging of the skin and chest. Tobacco damages elastin, a substance that gives the skin a shiny and healthy appearance.

4. Beware of sunlight.

Like to wear sleeveless blouses in the summer? Be sure to apply sunscreen on all exposed skin. Sun damage can cause premature aging and skin rashes.

5. Drastic days and sudden weight loss are not in favor of chest shape.

Nutrition is important. Frequent and abrupt changes in weight result in a hanging chest.

Source: Bustle