What pleases you more than anything else in bed?

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4 NĂ«ntor 2019

What pleases you more than anything else in bed?

We can assure you that penis size is not part of this list. Many people believe it's essential for maximum enjoyment, but it's not. There are other things we need to pay more attention to.


Unless there is a bond between you and your partner, a particular chemistry that makes you understand each other's sexual desires without talking, a big penis doesn't work for nothing.


According to 71.9% of the respondents, creativity and fantasy in bed is more important than size; the ability to find the right position at the right time, to dare to fulfill desires, is one of the true stimulants of sexual intercourse.


A University of Kentucky study showed that for most women, pulling is more important than penis size. For 61.9% of women surveyed, even when the penis is not large, if there is sexual attraction between partners, bed satisfaction is equally encouraged.

Sexual communication

77.6% of women said that sexual communication is more important than anything else. Not just before or after relationships, but most of all during it. Talk, learn what he wants from you and vice versa.


69.1% of women responded that experience is one of the sexiest things about a partner, rather than a large body. The only way to develop sexual skills is by having sex. Then there are those who learn faster than others; these are the winners, not the big penis.

Source: Bustle