10 signs that have 'cursed' you!

Shkruar nga Anabel

21 Tetor 2019

10 signs that have 'cursed' you!

Let's face it. Often, bad things happen to good people, without any logical reason. When we all get sick of things or things that we usually say "go wrong", we think someone has "cursed" us. How do we know if this is true?

Before we list you the signs of "a curse" we need to clarify something. The idea of "conquering bad energy" is not impossible, but it is rare. A good portion of people who believe in a curse simply choose not to face reality and leave themselves in the grip of bad luck. Sometimes this is life, bad things happen to us for reasons we cannot know. In 99% of the cases, we're assuring you no, you're not damned!

Now we move on to the signs!

1. Unexplained illness and / or a mark on the body.

If you are mostly a healthy person and all of a sudden you start to feel bad, or you see signs in your body that you can't remember where you did them, you may be overwhelmed by bad energy. Remember that this disease is simply a reaction to something happening in your body, mind or soul. If the doctor cannot explain this illness, it means that another force is acting against you.

2. Bad luck haunts you!

Historically you have known yourself as a man of good fortune. Things change all of a sudden, without a specific reason. Day after day you have to face the most difficult situations and you feel that bad luck has chosen you. If you think you've done enough and haven't moved on, you might believe that someone has tried to "curse" you. Bad luck includes: financial problems, health problems, accidents, technological equipment problems, etc.

10 signs that have 'cursed' you!

3. You are involved in a "war of witches".

Not everyone has good energy and gives us light! The truth is that when jealousy or envy comes into play, bad energy (witches) tries to invade you to give you out of her negativity.

10 signs that have 'cursed' you!

4. Broken words

Have you accidentally found broken glass pieces at home? If so, this is one of the signs of evil magic, known for centuries.

5. Conquer your negative thoughts.

If you know yourself to be a positive and very optimistic person and are suddenly overwhelmed by black ideas, you have to worry. Keep in mind that these are not your thoughts, but of the dark force that will overwhelm you.

6. Ending links!

Sudden divisions are another sign of a curse. This can happen with any kind of relationship, romantic, family or platonic. Curses are meant to ruin lives, and what better way to do this than to separate them from the people they love?

10 signs that have 'cursed' you!

7. Foreign objects in your home.

If you find small objects at home that are not yours, someone is trying to harm you.

8. You lose things all of a sudden!

Have you ever lost a towel, underwear or a hairpin? These objects hold your DNA and are often used by witches for magic. If someone has come home recently and after that day you no longer find any of the above, it may be such a sign.

9. Threatening letters or emails

If you receive a threatening email or letter, surely someone is trying to harm you. All the negativity is on that paper, so keep it away.

10 signs that have 'cursed' you!

10. Time in your home is grimmer than anywhere else.

How to break a curse?

1. Don't feed the fear. Remember that you are strong enough to break this force. Believe this.

2. Clean the environment where you live and yourself. A good way to wash the floor or sprinkle the whole house is to get some blessed water.

3. If you believe in God or elsewhere, gather the energy you receive from this faith and distribute it throughout the home.

4. In the end, you have to believe that the curse is broken and go on with your life. Forget it. You are protected and safe from positive energy!