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Mariza Ikonomi shows why she no longer attends festivals

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18 Tetor 2019

Mariza Ikonomi may bring many new songs, but she does not intend to present them at festivals! Invited to MCN Radio, Mariza said she no longer enjoys the feeling festivals give her, although she has grown under their influence.

“I'm not for festivals, I don't like their feel. I've grown up with them, I'm not against it, but you can participate once, twice, 5 times, but not all the time. I don't like the feeling of competition, ”the singer said, denying there was any specific reason for the way festivals are organized today.

The next project in Ikonomi's mind is a recital concert, coming after many years of musical experience.

In July of this year, Mariza Ikonomi publicly shared the ordeal about concert pay.

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