Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Shtator 2019

Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

In whatever age we live, we will always be curious about what the "universe" gives us. Most notable, are the mole! Historically it has been said that their location is very much about our destiny. Specifically?!

Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

Aim between your eyebrows

You are impulsive, and you usually act with a self-confidence that gives you charisma and an eye-catching personality, but you may encounter conflicts with people who don't think like you. You tend to argue, but don't waste any money. Your explosive temperament makes it difficult to make peace with the world and others.

Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

Mark over your eyebrow

An eyebrow mole is a sign of good fortune for a prosperous life, but you will need to work harder than others to earn it. You can make so much money that you can covet people and get them to take action. Be carefull; may want to trick you into schemes to make easy money. Don't trust others, follow your intuition. Never let others manage your finances. One has actress Angelina Jolie.

Aim at the eyebrow

Nishani's eyebrow is an indication of intelligence, creativity and artistic intuition. Talent in the arts can provide you with income, fame and success. Also this mole is a sign of luck for a prosperous life that can come to you if you follow the heart, not the theories for a better life. Success is yours; but you have to be brave.

Take it under your eyebrow

Usually, people who have a mole under their eyebrows are the subject of much debate with the family, which can affect your work and motivation. The advice for you is to settle your disagreements with your relatives if you want to be calm and move forward.

Nishani in the middle of his forehead

If you have a mole in the middle of your forehead, you were a rebellious child, a free spirit. You are characterized by innate creativity, and you are more productive when working without orders. Generally, your leaders value your particular approach to things. However, you are more successful if you work on your own, without bosses. You give orders to yourself!

Nishani in the middle of the nose

This is not a good position for a mole. Indicates financial instability, and an inability to manage expenses. You may be prone to gambling; you find it hard to stop yourself. It can also show a tendency to flirt with anyone, regardless of age or gender.

Nishani at the beginning of the nose

This mole can bring you a lot of luck, or no luck at all. You are destined for the extremes: either very successful, or unlucky. You have high creativity and you are intelligent enough, but your talents can be used badly. No one can be caught up with you; remember nothing easily. People who have a mole in this part of the face can get into the story either as heroes or as tyrants.

Aim at the tip of your nose

A mole at the tip of the nose can be indicative of sexual problems, and not only. It means bad luck, so it is advisable to remove it, otherwise you will face many problems.

Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

Mark over the edge

Nishani on the brink is indicative of an excellent fortune. You are surrounded by family most of the time and will have many children and grandchildren in the future. You have the support of relatives and you will feel fulfilled both financially and spiritually.

Nishani by the nose

This mark marks a tendency to fall prey to diseases. it is advisable to remove it, especially if it is large, and dark in color. One has Blake Lively and Elvira Diamond.

Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

Aim at the corner

A mole at the corner of the lip is indicative of a balance in life. You are likely to be not only rich but also well known. Although you will be offered the opportunity for a life of luxury, you will choose the warmth and love of the family. Especially women with such a mole are usually very attractive and charming. One has Cindy Crawford.

Look under the eye

If you have a mole under your eye, take care of your children; the relationship with them will not be good. They can bring you anxiety. You do not have much in the way to change this except to use tolerance properly.

Aim below the rim

A mole below the lip suggests a food weakness, which can get you into trouble later. You may be allergic to different foods or simply eat too much. Mariah Carey and Rachel McAdams have one.

Aim at the edge

You have to be careful with eating, also with regard to your sex life. These can be your 2 biggest problems. You are prone to weight problems that can cause you depression. You love romance, sometimes with more than 1 person, but having a high morale makes you feel guilty and it gives you a lot of stress.

Nishani on his chin

You are a people in constant motion, always trying to renovate your home. You like new places and things. You don't like staying in one place too long. What you enjoy most are travel and adventure. Have a very eye-catching look!

Launched on the Face: What will your fate be like?

Mark on the page

You will become an important person in society. You are very active in the social field and a great speaker. You can become proud of your success, which can hurt your reputation. This will deeply affect you because you are immersed in your self-confidence no matter what others may think of you. One has Roberto De Niro and Natalie Portman.

Nishani at the side of the eye

You are lucky with the money and many good friends; this is a lucky mole. Your weakness is that you fall prey to the seductions of the opposite sex easily. This can ruin your life, so keep yourself under control!

Peel down the apple

This is a good mole, which suggests a lot of food and drink throughout life; you will have them and enjoy them very much. It also anticipates a lot of fame and ratings. One has Marilyn Monroe.

Aim at the ear

You are very intelligent, in theory and in practice. Have a high survival instinct, which will ensure a long and valuable life. You will be active until a late age, surrounded by friends and family to the end.

Nishani near the jaw

You will have fame and fortune at an early age, and you are advised to think of the distant future at this age as your life gets harder with time.

Nishani on the side of the beard

You will have prosperity and you will be valued, but beware of excesses. Maintain traditional in the way you behave and you will have a long and productive life.