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Why do we lose our socks?

Shkruar nga Anabel

11 Shtator 2019

How many times do you find yourself angry looking for all the passion for your next sock because it's the 139574 side that ends alone! Losing socks is one of humanity's biggest dilemmas, a mystery that is unlikely to be solved, but so far we can at least give an explanation, however modest.

As we continue to store singles socks in the closet, in the hope that her friend will show up instantly, from washing machine to washing machine, we pause for a bit.

Did you know that in our lifetime we can lose up to 1264 socks?

Scientists have discovered the causes and based on their research have developed a mathematical formula to predict the probability of losing socks after a washing in the washing machine.

After some interviews it was found that people who took part in the experiment lost an average of 1.3 socks a month and more than 15 every year, leaving behind many socks and this is because during the wash many socks are lost inside the washing machine and we understand nothing . In the UK alone, 84 million socks are lost in a washing machine in just one month.

The main reason for losing socks is the complexity of washing machines, while a good deal of them fall behind the furniture and you never understand until you find yourself without socks. If you're even more curious, follow the video.