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Arbana Osman's 5,000-lace dress fastens to Instagram

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Shtator 2019

This is definitely the la crème de la crème photo on Arbana Osman's Instagram: a perfect haircut, a cherry lipstick, a Chanel bag and the Eiffel tower in the background. Did we mention the dress thing? No, we'll talk next.

Unlike the dozens of floral dresses we saw this season, this time Arbana chose the combination of red and black.

The dress from Zara, which costs 4,999 ALL, emphasizes the décolleté highlighting the shoulders as well, while the black waistband as an accessory creates a more sophisticated look by highlighting the waist.

The material is suitable for the autumn-winter period, so it can be combined with shoes and boots. If you do not plan to visit Paris, you can dress it up well for the November 28-29 holidays, Christmas and any other red-dominated holiday. Or dress anywhere you feel comfortable; you know these works well.