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Here's why Mc Kresha is a typical Virgin

Shkruar nga Anabel

5 Shtator 2019

Today, Mc Kresha celebrates its 35th anniversary, but as he himself writes on Instagram, "needles o 'fresh as twenty". If you didn't know and missed previous articles on VIPs and the horoscope, the rapper is a Virgin sign and if you dwell on some of his features, you will be convinced that he is a typical Virgin.

We start with the physical appearance characteristics. People born with this sign generally have an oval face shape and eyes are sharp and lustrous.

The hair is dense - and there is no need to comment on Lenten curls - but over time they tend to fall off (hopefully not). Being ruled by Mercury and benefiting from its benefits, Virgins have a kind of presence in every environment where they appear, where their strong voices play a role. Remember "it doesn't even make sense when the manga hides the shackles ...".

The tranquility characterizes it on every television outing. If you see someone who speaks "with his hands and feet" and is striking, he is certainly not a Virgin. As is usually the case with Virgins, Kresha has a kind of serenity and positivity in every television show.

He does not shrug as a talker, but speaks calmly and sparingly. Typical of those born with this sign, the rapper generally seems to have something to worry about and is trying to solve it by himself.

Gives support in silence. You certainly have never often heard of the support Kresha has given and continues to give to artists, because Virgins give love and support in complete silence without having to demonstrate and praise themselves. For example, he collaborated with Kid when she was still unknown in Return to Us. It has also given support to new rappers by making them part of the Pint label. But he never mentions that.

Like almost all born of the Virgin sign, the rapper loves animals and most of all dogs; calls them friends and posts them constantly on social networks.

Virgins have a strict discipline of work and devote their utmost. For years, Kresha is perhaps the most disciplined and dedicated rapper to his fans, bringing constant songs and albums that stand at the pinnacle of Albanian hip-hop music. We add that it has a subtle artistic taste that stands out from the others, typical of this sign.

Album "USA"

Talk a little about love? Besides Rozana Rad, who has been in a rapper romance? Hmm ... That's because Virgin sign men want quality and not quantity in love. That is why there are many single people around. Unlike his friend Ledri Vula who constantly talks about wanting to be a dad soon, Kresha doesn't seem to have any fervent plans to become a parent. In fact, the Virgin's ego does not necessarily require a child.

In terms of society, those born of this mark tend towards small relationships and are constantly committed. Their friendships last a lifetime and to illustrate, it is enough to mention the special relationship with Lyrical Son.

To close: master of details. Like all Virgins, Kresha is so perfectionist that she sells her work in the best way possible. His albums are generally sold as boxes, with blues, key holders, autographs and other items.

And since we're talking about the details, who else would dare go to the "Magic Song" with a backpack with them?