Which of the horoscope signs makes for fantastic sex, but not in love?

Shkruar nga Anabel

5 Shtator 2019

You do not always fall in love with the man you have sex with! Not all friends with benefits are lucky enough to fall in love, so enjoy the moment. While we are here, we talk a little about the signs of unprecedented chemistry with one another in bed, but they never end in love!

Gemini- Aries

They will easily recognize each other at a party and flirt all night. Both are passionate, crazy and spontaneous fun. They both want to be the center of attention, so the night will be as fiery as you can imagine. However their relationship will not go far as both Aries and Gemini will spend most of their time picking who will dominate first.


Aquarius because they are overhead, and Sagittarius because they refuse to touch the Earth. The sex between the two is fantastic. Given the adventure, Sagittarius wants someone to keep them interested, and who better than Aquarius to do so? Serious relationship? No and no!


Like the Gemini Twins, this pair of signs know well the art of flirting. Instead of celebrating, they would very well recognize each other in an art gallery and then ... They both want to feel adored and ready for any experiment in bed. In terms of a long relationship, it would not work between the two; would find themselves fighting in vain with one another almost all the time.


Capricorns are fond of working, walking on Earth and cold. The crabs are tender and emotional. It makes their dating even more intriguing! Crabs prefer a more sexually sensitive sex, and Capricorns want to dominate the bed, but what does this bring? A sexy night to tell as a story afterwards. However, this double does not go all the way to the last chapter.