Do you have a brain-popcorn?

Shkruar nga Anabel

25 Gusht 2019

Do you have a brain-popcorn?

The term brain-popcorn is a widely discussed term. Since people are unable to live without the internet, the higher the chances of having a brain-popcorn. How to understand this term?

Do you have a brain-popcorn?

The phenomenon refers to all the people who are constantly bored and are always looking for small and not very important information online. Simply explained: Do you have to write a specific document urgently? In the meantime, check your email, post something on Instagram, and as the casuals go online, check your friends' posts on social networks once again. Finally, you forgot what you were doing in the beginning.

Do you have a brain-popcorn?

The brain-popcorn is a brain that "bursts" at one information to another and is generally known as the "ape brain".

To avoid the problem, experts advise:

1. Plan trips to places where there is no internet . With the development of technology, there are still areas with no internet or wireless, though you can simply switch off your phone.

2. Set yourself limits : for example 1-2 hours staying on social networks, no more.

3. Take a walk and meet up with friends .

Source: CNN via Medium Corporation