What a sapiosexual

Shkruar nga Anabel

14 Gusht 2019

You may have seen sapiosexual or sapiosexual in dozens of Instagram profiles and have probably wondered what that means. Well, your moment came (if you've tried searching Google before, of course).

A sapiosexual is someone who is sexually attracted to intelligent people. Unlike other people who just like smart girls and boys, sapiens are excited by someone else's intelligence. They even refuse to come up with people they don't consider "smart."

Sapiosexuals are stimulated and challenged by the way someone else thinks. Practically, they fall in love with the mind.

Unlike homosexuality or heterosexuality, sapiosexuality is not a sexual orientation. Because you can be gay and gay or straight and gay. It can best be described as some kind of fetish.

On the other hand, sexuality is considered a controversial term because intelligence cannot be quantified and tainted by personal perception. It also excludes those who were not born into a privilege position and were unable to receive full education.