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9 embarrassing situations that only girls understand

Shkruar nga Anabel

13 Gusht 2019

Being a girl is beautiful, but all this privilege is associated with difficulties that only women can understand! To understand what we mean, take a look at the situations below and repeat after us: "Wow, this always happens to me! Why me ?!"

1. Goes to the boyfriend's house and leaves your cream powder in memory on his bed. How much they hated us in those moments!

2. Put on your favorite shine and you're ready to go out. But no, that strand of hair that will stick to your lips will ruin it for the moment.

3. The tragedy of the paintbrush. We go for something simple, elegant and exquisite drawing. Finish like this or make up from the beginning.

4. Ok, this time you were depilated yourself because that was the case. As soon as you think the baby's skin is yours again, some slanderous hairs reappear on the horizon.

5. Short snapper understands this situation very well.

6. Oh, he regretted taking you to the beach especially to disappoint you again.

7. Gift from the hair elastic.

8. Jooo, the wire came out, but it's not the moment.

9. Who dares cry when putting on make up ?!