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What you can't do in a relationship, based on the horoscope sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

12 Gusht 2019

In a relationship, everyone has something they cannot do without. Someone can't live without caress, someone else without squabbles, others without passion ... It's also not in your hand, but in the stars!

There are some specific features based on your horoscope mark, without which you can't make a connection and ask your partner at all costs. Without such feelings, you are not 100% you.

We start?

Dashi: Emotion!

If there is something a Dash needs is emotion and challenges! They need an energetic partner for life, someone who keeps them charged and adjusted to their life intensity.

Taurus: Security

Taurus always keeps its feet on the Earth, so it needs security more than anything else. They want to create a healthy foundation, surrounded by the things they enjoy the most.

Gemini: Motivation!

They need new things, interesting conversations that motivate them for the future, and previously unproven experiences. This will keep your connection alive.

Crab: Emotional sensitivity

Crabs need someone to tell you they are there for them and understand them. They want a warm and family environment, otherwise they will not be happy.

Play: Appreciation.

Lions cannot live unless they feel they are being worshiped by others. They need a partner who is as passionate as they are!

Virgo: Rule!

This sign needs to have thoughts organized too. If a Virgin feels frustrated, she / he should talk that she doesn't!

Libra: Harmony!

The scales do not want a relationship that is not beautiful and harmonious! They know how to be good diplomats and make compromises, but you have to adjust!

Scorpions: Deep conversations

They need a partner who is not afraid of lengthy, philosophical and emotional conversations at the same time. Without it, a Scorpio would never be satisfied!

Archers: The Adventure!

An Sagittarius cannot live a relationship unless there is little adventure in it. It is never enough for them.

Capricorn: Involvement!

Capricorn wants someone strong on his side to make the journey of life. The partner should be 100% involved and show no fear, despite difficult times.

Aquarius: Freedom

They are the happiest in the world if they leave them free, independent in their revolutionary world. A partner who would turn it down doesn't make for Aquarius.

Pisces: Empathy

As emotional as they are, Pisces demands that others be as empathetic as he is. Difficult, but not impossible.