When will we get rid of the unbearable heat?

Shkruar nga Anabel

12 Gusht 2019

Since the beginning of August, our country has been overwhelmed by the African heat wave like almost all other countries in the Mediterranean. The days we left behind have marked the highest summer temperatures, 41.6 degrees, making the situation even more difficult for people who seem to have emptied the streets of the capital by finding peace only by the sea.

However, the rains will not be delayed! On Wednesday, this heat wave is forecast to end and temperatures will drop by at least 4 degrees Celsius.

“We have had 3 heat waves this summer and this is the last. It is expected to end on Wednesday where it is expected to rain and rain in the Albanian territory, especially during the second half of Wednesday, bringing temperatures down by at least 4 degrees Celsius. By making the second 15 days of August the thermal values fluctuate to 33 degrees close to the normal climate values of the month we are in. "

In short, we have a few days left to deal with if we follow these tips here.