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Children and adults, all at risk of eye flu: What should you know?

Shkruar nga Anabel

23 Korrik 2019

Invited to the Wake Up, Nora Burda, an ophthalmologist, said that everyone in the country is endangered by epidemic keratitis , known in the popular language as eye flu, if they do not take appropriate preventive measures.

The eye inflammation is sticky and transmitted through:

- Direct contact with the eyes;
- use of cosmetic products by some persons;
- contact with towels / shelters that may cause the transmission of the virus;
- adversity, coughing.

Main signs:

- redness of the eye white;
- swelling of the eye caps;
- watering;
- the sensation of a foreign body in the eye;
- desire to rub the eye;
- irritation, burns;
- light disturbance.

How can you prevent it?

1. Wash your hands constantly with water and soap.
2. If someone is affected by the eye flu, wash your hands immediately after contact with it.
3. Use only your personal items (towels, blankets, sheets and cosmetics).

If you have any of the above signs, contact your family doctor immediately.

Source: Institute of Public Health & Albanian Telegraphic Agency