Not burning: What toast on the beach to smell like chocolate!

Shkruar nga Anabel

23 Korrik 2019

The highlight of the hot summer days is the << downloading ". Someone gets hot right away, no one gets burned, and another burns like no worse. Applying different oils is effective to get the color you want.

4 The best oils to be knotted are:
1. Raspberry seed oil (SPF 25+)
2. Carrot seed oil (SPF 35+)
3. Avocados (SPF 15+)
4. Olive oil (SPF 8)

Be careful not to put the oil on the first days of the beach, as the skin is not ready yet. Remember that for months it has not been exposed to sunlight.

Also, use the oil only during the period when the rays of the sun are not strong. During lunch time, you should definitely put cream with protective factors, especially if you have sensitive skin, white and moustachea.

Another option you can use is the highlighter, which you can prepare yourself at home. To prepare at home, you need:

1. Highlighter
2. Eye-catching tint
3. Essential oil;
4. Coconut oil
5. Cream with SPF; 1 spoon

To conclude, we are rehearing the following tips for perfect teasing:

1. Prepare the skin from exposure by doing a cleaning to remove dead cells and without forgetting the exfoliate for a uniform tingling.

2. Apply the cream / protective oil half an hour before exposure to the sun to make it more effective. Apply it later in the day, if necessary.

3. Increase exposure time gradually. Begin by staying in the sun for 1 hour, to arrive after a few more hours, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

4. Do not expose during the hot hours of the day.

5. Rotate and change the position frequently, about every 15/20 minutes to allow the sun to exhale every part of the body. Better yet, you can practice sports or shore excursions.

6. If you are tired and want to have a nap, go under the umbrella, so you will be more relaxed to avoid heat or rust on one side of the body, staying for a long time at the same position.

7. Always cover your skin very well, applying even a good moisturizing cream or a soothing sunlight after the day.