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Why did the people of the Lion sign feel tired of these times?

Shkruar nga Anabel

19 Korrik 2019

If you have felt helpless and in constant need to sleep, do not worry. Mercury has been in the background since 7 July. All signs of the zodiac, but mostly Lion, astrology officially gives permission to cease each time you feel it will cease!

July was not the easiest month for this sign.

Lions are recognized as generous, polite and heartfelt. However, to be honest we must add that they love many plays and die to be in the spotlight. And the chances of dramatic augmentation have started since July 7 and are downgraded by July 31. Best Tips for Lions?

Take things quietly and make no decisions. These times, do good to see, study, and create your own ideas, and if you feel, you can share it with the world.

As soon as August starts you will see how the energy that characterizes you will come back to you.

What to do then?

1. Have patience and give yourself some rest time.

Consider it as a betting period for yourself.

2. Do not hurry up with plans

Remember that the planets are in the background, so that the right equilibrium in the work and personal life /

3. As soon as the background is over, you will find yourself taking new initiatives!

4. Run the power for awhile and leave surprises at the end of this month.

July is hard for you, do not counteract these days.