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Why are you still single?

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Korrik 2019

Why are you still single?

When it comes to heart issues, we give up and leave the horoscope explanations. He knows better than anyone else than what's inside your head.


Aries is undoubtedly one of the most prominent signs of horoscope and as such requires utmost attention. But there is a problem, it does this all the time and I will do everything to have it. So when it comes to links, your requirements will look a bit like a potential partner. Your self-confidence may sometimes be annoying to you, but that does not mean that you can not continue to shine only for him / her to feel comfortable in your presence. So you better look for someone who is your biggest fan and accepts you proudly as you are. True fire.


Because you are a landmark, you belong to the most standing people on earth and many of you are ambitious and obsessed with work. If you have someone in the office that is always out of working hours, it's probably Demi. The problem is that you have to remove a bit from this fixation and get on the stage. Go somewhere to a cafe or a delightful bar and find the other half. Surely it awaits you.


Being a Twin means that anyone who comes out with you is actually coming up with the 2 people you have within yourself, who are certainly quite different from each other. One side of you is sweet and cautious, while the other side does not have any kind of engagement with anyone. That complicates so many things. He / she must have iron energy and nerves. That's all you would need.


Usually crabs do everything for partners. They are cautious and show lots of tact to not hurt the feelings of others. They even sometimes sacrifice themselves for not doing this. That is exactly what makes your romantic life difficult. You invest a lot for someone else and do not get what you expected at the end.


You've closed your feelings in the most hidden drawer and you've thrown the key off once and for all. This makes it difficult for the job you are interested in. In fact, you are the master of the meetings thanks to your safety and seductive abilities, but as things become more serious and someone tries to express you something, everything you want to do is get rid of the legs.


It is written in the stars that you analyze everything. A boy can not even say two words because you are going to analyze them, you will think about them by reminding each faction of that moment. Coming a moment and all this becomes tedious for both of you. All you have to do is not take it so seriously.


You tend to live every story as in fairy tales. You are romantic, dreaming, and die to plan your escape weekends with what you want. But even though you are a lot of passionate and free souls, do not be surprised if you find yourself at one point jumping alone in the pool. Scales do this - abandon people and love loneliness.


Scorpions are very sexy, mysterious, and want to be nice to their partners at all costs. But that's not enough to have a long-term relationship. You have to get involved more emotionally, this will save you.


Are you very brave or not? You die to debate and hate when your arguments are lost. You like to do politics well in a relationship. But what will save you is a compromise, so quit the quarrel, think and once and tolerate it.


Capricorns are seen as very discreet, formal and thoughtful people. But we are all sinners and as such you do not have to miss such a chance. Do not tell the snob if anyone shows interest to you, it will not help you.


Aquariums are creative and innovative and this is closely associated with very high standards. Do you remember very well since the gymnasium you are the one who ended any relationship or not? And for the most ridiculous reasons as well? Let the fantasy and use the logic. You do this well.


We know you are very sensitive, but the truth has to be said. You are very sweet and careful, but at first you have to tell yourself that. Be confident and believe in yourself. Just so you need