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Horoscope leaflet: How do you react to the hassle, based on your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

13 Korrik 2019

Horoscope leaflet: How do you react to the hassle, based on your sign


If you do not have so much affinity, a Dash will make you feel small, or you do not care what you have to say. But if you hurt a Dash, hmmm you better escape.


If you challenge them in a confrontation (with words), they may explode. Since they do not like to drag things, sooner or later, they will take you away from yourself. In the end, they will only give you in contravention.


The twins will respond with such a strong fury that you will not understand when it came out. They hate debates on things they do not care and may end up in vulgar scars if you encourage them. Wait for a bunch of truths to come out in the quarrel with a twin man!


Crabs take them very personally, regardless of the reason you are debating. Sometimes the great sensitivity suffers, and can stain the fixed cry before you. Later they will apologize and find a way to turn their relationship where it was. But if you find that you are not honest, they will get rid of you without any problems from their lives.


It is not that they are very interested, but the friends and fans are enough. But even if you go out to pick her up, all the friends will find others to respect, worship, and support.


Coping with it is futile because it suddenly becomes insensitive to everything. Remember: Do not postpone a Virgin more than you can because it can turn you into the most unprofitable way as soon as you give it a strong reason to do so.


They get too easy on something you can say. In order not to go out, they can use others to cope with the man who has caused concern.


It's a dangerous game with a Scorpio; does not like at all to feel rejected, opposed or disregarded. So think well what you are going to say, and how will you say it, because it can counteract you by using your weaker points that you did not even know them knew.


Sagittarians do not like sham, and they will do whatever they can to avoid you. Do not take it as a joke; they may suddenly disappear when they feel the risk of a debate is coming. If you have said or done something they do not like, know that they will just never talk to you again, and will not try to solve it in some way.


If you lose control before a Capricorn, he can use it against you, because he sees it as weakness. They are very cunning in this regard, and are ready to do anything to reach where they want. If there is a chance, do not waste time and use it: beware when you face a Capricorn.


Aquarius will apologize if he has made a mistake, but feels too tired to feel some kind of irritation. Surely he will seek to stay alone, maintaining a kind of diplomacy, not to break the bridges of communication. But remember: they are not afraid to respond if you really urge them.


The fish try to avoid the negativity between you. They may even apologize if they do not have the guilty self, and simply agree again. Depending on the issue of discussion, they may even end up crying because jokes and misunderstandings make them feel hurt.