People are about to discover one of the most secret sites in the world: What is behind Zone 51?

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12 Korrik 2019

More than half a million people are about to discover what's hidden in Zone 51! Are all the stories with UFOs and aliens that many have believed for years ?!

First, for you who do not know: What is Zone 51 or otherwise known as one of the most secret sites in the world, where no one is allowed to enter?

Area 51 (Area 51) is a large lab of US military forces located in the Nevada desert, where it has been allegedly experimenting with troops and extraterrestrial artifacts.

Despite all that has been said so far, people are not convinced about the truth that carries that area, so they want to see it with their own eyes. According to them, the UFOs have been sprawling over the heads of people and the US government for years, nothing but silence about it. Now people ask for answers and want to take it at any cost.

More than 400,000 people have agreed to ambush Zone 51 with the aim of detecting what is there and whether the conspiracy theories about extraterrestrials are true or not. Their persuasion has been confirmed by people on Facebook, in the profile created especially for this event, which is expected to take place in September 2019.

Of course, in the area, access to the public is forbidden, but it is about the US military base. Over the years, some suggested that Zone 51 was used by the US government for the development and testing of weapons and aircraft, but nothing has been seen, so nothing is certain.

Though people can not say full of the UFO there, all this is a dangerous process that requires great care and attention.

Earlier, Bill Clinton and NASA administrators visited the area and found nothing interesting. "A good part of the technology is produced there and I did not find any aliens or spaceships," said former President Bill Clinton during the visit he was serving as US president.

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