I want to invite him to come out, but I'm afraid of refusing

Shkruar nga Anabel

12 Korrik 2019

I want to invite him to come out, but I'm afraid of refusing

The situation is this: you like a boy (or girl) and i do not know how to invite him to come out. Rather, you are afraid of the "NO" that you can take in response. Do you know there is a kind of strategy that makes it impossible for "fixation" to refuse ?!

Make the first step and do not think twice! This will show that you have confidence in yourself, you are interesting enough and do not leave the things that you will at the mercy of destiny. All these qualities are very sexy when it comes to a potential partner.

What should you do?

Think of something that you would do anyway, in your company or not, and then use this as an invitation. What are we talking about? Here's an example: "A new sushi restaurant was opened and I was trying to try this Thursday. Will you come and you? "

In this way, you avoid simpler phrases like "I would like to spend more time with you." As you say in the form above, you automatically avoid the "pressure" that the other person feels and it looks like it does not matter if come or not, you will enjoy it anyway.

The first thing they think about you when you say so is that it's not boring and you know how to enjoy it.

The likelihood of saying "NO" is very small, but if the most accurate answer happens, it would be, "Do not mind your mind, good weeks ahead."

So he comes out of the situation and makes him repent that he refused the invitation (if he did, of course). What are you waiting for ?!