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Be carefull! Mercury in the background will make you go back with the ex

Shkruar nga Anabel

12 Korrik 2019

Be carefull! Mercury in the background will make you go back with the ex

Usually, we try to avoid our former loved ones, but sometimes, the planets get in vain and take us out of the right path. On July 7, Mercury, the communication planet, went into the background. Everything is moving backwards and we feel more nostalgic than before about the past, including the people we were with.

Do not let Mercury distract you. You split for one reason. Read the following to find out what your sign is tempted and how to withstand this temptation by July 31, when Mercury returns to the right line. Otherwise, throw the phone in the bin and live as a hermit.

Aries: Achievements

Is your father boasting in social networks for all the recent achievements to prove how good and unseen it is? This move does not work with everyone, but since you are competitive, you will be seduced again. Do not fall prey to temptation. Work for your things and boast about yourself on Instagram.

Taurus: Dinner at a fantastic restaurant

Ever since you became so fed up your food? He had eaten fast-food down to work yesterday, suddenly invites you to the most lively restaurant of the moment. We know you really enjoy a meal cooked by the hand of a blessed chef, but refuse.

Gemini: One in the message

Wait a long time ago that I wanted to write to you to "explain the conversation," and fixed when you gave up and started making money, a message comes to you. Whether a DM or a handwritten letter, these messages from the past will not bring you anything good.

Crab: Swallowing

AS Crab, emotional ties are of great importance to you. It's not easy to get out of your shell, but when you get out, do it for an important reason. The following weeks, your fiance will try to take advantage of your sensitivity. Block them if they start to do you all suddenly on Instagram or respond to a post. Your value is at your fingertips.

Lion: Romanca

You are fond of everything that makes you feel royal and important. During Mercury in the background, the spouse will try to make for you with gestures that look like they have been specially made for you - such as a quote from your favorite book. Stand on foot in the ground and make money.

Virgo: Feelings

If you are back in your life with a long list of justifications, explanations, and reasons for everything that went wrong with your connection, run and do not turn your head back. communication is very important to you and therefore this change may seem worthwhile, but trust us is not sincere.

Libra: Excuse me

Your sign takes serenity of harmony and diplomacy, so if you are tempted to tempt you, you will be tempted back. But we are warning you, Mercury in the background is just an optical illusion and also, our perspective is shaken. After July 31 you will understand that some of your actions were not balanced at all. Do not let it ruin your balance.

Scorpio: That message late at night

You are intrigued by the mysteries of life and it makes you memorable lovers. Unfortunately, the amazement of passion will make you fall prey to temptation. Do not go with were during Mercury in the background, it's just a waste of time. The fire is extinguished. Use energy for someone else, better.

Sagittarius: An Adventure

You are always ready for a trip, but the next should not be with them. During Mercury in the background, you may find out that your father is willing to do whatever you want, but do not be fooled. Exploring nature is fun, but exploring a failed link is not.

Goat: A strategy

So your father is trying to retreat in your life with a presentation at Poƫerpoint. Although we are confident that you appreciate the trouble, we recommend you wait until July 31st. After that date you can see things more clearly. Plus, if you stay close to you for another two weeks, you will understand how seriously they are.

Aquarius: Visionaries

Like Aquarius, you are eccentric, free spirits that you hate the rules. If your father comes back suddenly and appears everywhere, he writes you endlessly and unattended, point out the place without thinking twice. And if the thing gets the size of persecution, protect yourself and then your heart.

Pisces: erotic dreams

You are the most divine sign of the zodiac, so do not be surprised if you dream of your former loved ones. Dreams are more meaningful to you than to others. Even if you write, do not think it was written that you were together. The eyes to the future, not the past.