What do the dreams about pregnancy mean?

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Korrik 2019

Most dreams do not necessarily indicate that something will happen in real life. And that is a good thing, until a dream we see is repeated to us.

One of the most common is to dream of being pregnant, while actually a baby is not in your near plan.

Why do you look so pregnant so often in your dreams?

1. This dream relates to your desire to be a mother, or a fear of pregnancy.

Some people often see this kind of dream because they are thinking of something in their life. Desperately asks you to be pregnant and these desires often appear in your repeated dream.

Or, another possibility is your fear of having a pregnancy. You may have enough children and only the thought of another baby to scare.

2. Probably this dream is not related to babies or belly.

Dreams about pregnancy talk a lot. They are the symbol of creativity or a great project that is about to be born. This dream speaks about the fears you have about a great project or work you are going to present.

3. Regardless of what you see in your dream, the interpretation is in your hand!

Babies represent the cloud; new connections, new projects, and the fears you have within yourself.

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