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5 delicate questions about the underwear that we hardly discuss

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Korrik 2019

Lots of life you've been trying to put on some seemingly simple questions with regard to the inside. Read what's on them:

Can you keep the same interior for a few days?

Forgot to wash your belly again? If the footwear looks clean you can wear it, no problem! Work changes if you have redness or scratches in the pubic area; in such a situation do not try fate. The same applies when you have sweaty during the day, as humidity creates favorable conditions for producing bacteria and fungal infections. The ideal is to wear other underwear.

What if you do not wear any underwear?

Yes, but only during a situation. When you are trained, as the sports outfits are made of a thick fabric that sucks very damp. But if the skin of the area in question is somewhat irritated, keep your underwear on.

How many underwear should I have?

An interesting study noted that on average a woman has 34 pairs of drawers, 14 of which she holds for specific cases. The point is that there is no fixed number in the case of the insides. It all depends on your lifestyle; how often you exercise during the week, and so on. 10 pairs of drawers and 23 pairs of recipes are enough.

Can you sleep with the dressed ups?

If your clothes have cotton or silk, characterized by a comfortable cup, you can sleep without any problems. Otherwise, you risk skin irritation and non-circulation of blood.

What is the best material for the footwear?

Of course cotton! Allows air circulation and moisture absorption.

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