4 reasons why you have to do anal sex tonight

Shkruar nga Anabel

8 Korrik 2019

No word! Tonight you have to do anal sex not for one but for 4 reasons:

~ Cum Benefits ~

The composition of sperm affects the reduction of stress, increases the quality of sleep, energy and serves as a natural pain reliever.

~ Remove the fear of an undesirable pregnancy ~

Is not it fantastic? Enjoy, enjoy each other and complete the act of love and finalize it within the anus. That's what we all love so what are you waiting for?

~ Improves the relationship in couple ~

It is also well-proven (if you're skeptical) that anal sex gives extraordinary pleasure to both woman and husband. In addition, you can forgive your relationship with more diversity and passion.

~ Keeps your immune system in shape ~

Sex makes miracles with your body. Among other things, it activates the antibodies and ensures that it keeps control of your whole body. If something goes wrong, the latter will be able to fight for your health.

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