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Why betray you?

Shkruar nga Anabel

19 Qershor 2019

When a betrayal occurs, among the many questions that come to mind in the mind is also "why, why did it happen"?

This article will give you an explanation of the betrayal of the signs.


This sign is known for impulsiveness and passionate nature. Aries loves the new and intriguing thing, no matter how guided by the mind and logic if there is anything tempting to say no. Yet the treachery of a Dashi is momentary and totally physical attraction, no feeling, no double bond, no such "serious" thing in the middle.


Taurus is directed by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money. So if you are offering a romantic dinner, a sensual massage, a five-star hotel and a tub full of petals, the sign in question can be treacherous.


In astrology, the twins are more tied up with betrayal, due to the instability of their character. They want a calm and loving relationship and a bit of adrenaline, they are traditional, as well as they seek innovation. Do not be surprised if you talk all about passion for monogamy and then find out they are with some partners at once.


Crabs are very sensitive beings who hate to feel unwanted. Rather they require security, appreciation and love, and if the partner does not offer them any more, go find why not, somewhere else!


Led by the heart, Lions fall all the time in love. They generally do not intend to betray, but if this happens, it is only because someone has caught their attention and then makes Luan the center of attention. Exactly what this sign wants: the world to rotate around it!


As idealistic and detailed as it is, the Virgin analyzes everything in her relationship. If it comes to the conclusion that the link is not where it is, it should allow itself to go to someone else's arms in search of happiness.


Although Libra is prolonged for long and serious relationships, it does not mean that they are always loyal: they like to feel desirable, flirting all the time, as they seem to end up in someone else's arms.


Scorpions are full of mysteries, so treachery is one of them. As one of the most passionate and sexually explicit signs, treachery is predictable.


Even in a monogamie relationship, a Sagittarius needs to feel free and experience new sensations. More experience, the better. Based on this logic, Sagittarius is a potential potential betrayal.


A Capricorn can well justify a betrayal through facts and logic. This happened because of this, then followed the other one and here, at the end of the day, he persists in himself (and others) that he was just a victim of circumstances.


The waterfall betrays people who share the same values. Suffice a deep conversation, two three common ideals, and this sign is entirely given to passion.


Pisces are very sensitive, so they often see betrayal as comfort or opportunity to realize all the possible fantasies that can not be achieved in a serious relationship. Anyhow, after every betrayal come out disappointed again.