Karakteristikat e Shenjave

What does not go with you, horoscope shows!

Shkruar nga Anabel

17 Qershor 2019

This article aims to make known the flaws that carry each mark.


You are so unpredictable and fiery. No one can stand up to your anger. One day, all this warmth will push you to a sudden killing. Will you then regret it? Like damn it, as you repent whenever you understand that you're over.


Want to buy expensive clothes, good food and excellent sex. You love all this, you want it right now, at the moment! And it makes you often impatient.


Lying so much telling someone one thing, and someone else something else. On one side we are not blaming you, because of your dying is the instability you have in character.


Enthusiasm ahead of time and end up being disappointed by the people you thought were proper in romance, society, or work.


We know that a little dose of pride shows a character, but you are sick. Be arrogant, think for yourself and do not do anything with others.


Want to feel like the most important person of this world. When someone enjoys a value that another person who is important to you is highly appreciated, start whimpering and scraping inwardly.


Anyone who is on the mark of the scales knows very well how important the look for them. They look so proud of the look, they're so fixed to look good and look ... okay, keep them away.


If we sit down and talk about sweet sins, you must "condemn" every day. So much libido boils inside you, but it's so hard to love.


You love so much sex and you just can not stand without seeing a little up and down. You are flirtatious and as many new faces in your bed as possible, the better


Be competitive and very hard-working. Your bad thing is that you love so much more than anyone else. You want to sit down then, be comfortable and boast about your successes.


You think you are a god's gift and possibly more illuminated than the rest of it. You like others to follow you, think that you know everything when in fact you may have a faulty mountain.


If someone pretends to live, bet it's a fish. The fishes walk at a very slow pace and out of the ordinary course. Taking things so bad will leave you far behind.