You would not want to see you on the street with these plastic bags

Shkruar nga Anabel

13 Qershor 2019

For a long time, people are working to use as little plastic as useless, including bags in stores or stores. For example, in the country, plastic bags are paid and cost 5-10 Lek. No matter how small it is, it serves to put the consumer in position and really think if he needs another bag in life.

A Canadian market found another way to make customers use less (in this case, plastic). The bags offered by the market include phrases such as "Colon Care," "Adult Video Store," and "Wholesale Cosmetic Cream for Dr. Toews. "

Will anyone go out on the streets with a bag reading the texts above? Of course not. Or let's do an Albanian parallelism. Suppose you go to the market and ask for a bag along with your purchases. In the bag is read "The most effective cure for the hemorrhoid," or "On the market X, the first condom with a pomegranate taste," or "Half-price sex toys." Would you prefer to shake the shampoo, yolk, milk and what about the potato for the day you break the diet? Or would you prefer to walk the streets with a bag that implies you are suffering from a leash. The deal is clear. Next time, get out of the house with your bags of rags.

"The idea is, we all have to be actively trying to save the planet," says Canadian market owner David Lee Kween. "Plastic bags are a big problem, and any action, however small, has an impact."


Apparently, the shame we had eaten with bread. We even added cheese to taste. Market customers are doing the opposite of what we expected. Not only are they buying bags, but are trying to collect all three. So the opposite of what the market was aiming for.