Summer Secrets: How to Extend Waxing as much as possible

Shkruar nga Anabel

12 Qershor 2019

You can not hide your hairs but YES, there are some small flaws that will help you push the waxing process for a few days.

In this article we focused on blade waxing, or as otherwise known in our language, shaving.

Massage (in the shape of circles, cyclic movements) the skin with a high salt percentage scrub a day before waxing to remove the dead cells below which many hairs are hidden.

Make a bath to allow the removal of natural body oils and moisturizing the hair, making it 60% simpler to remove it. It is suggested that washing should not last more than 2 to 3 minutes, otherwise the water starts and wrinkles the skin without giving the desired results during waxing.

Apply moisturizing gel for waxing to maintain skin moisture. A dry skin soaked with soap risks blocking the drought blades.

Do not exert much pressure, but slide the razor lightly. Otherwise a possible irritation or injury will draw your attention from careful hair removal and haircut removal.

After waxing, bend (serves as a natural moisturizer), relax and cudgel with coconut oil, which you can apply every night before bedtime, especially in the area of the feet. Even something; invest in a good razor.