Specialized manual: How to care for skin during the summer

Shkruar nga Anabel

12 Qershor 2019

In days like these, CONVERSE, the difference between being hydrated and dry looking like a desert in Arizona depends on whoever else but your daily skin care routine. Keep in mind that throughout the summer, skin is the most beautiful accessory, so it is important to dedicate as much as possible.

Providing skin moisture is crucial with regard to a healthy body / acne.

"Pay attention to the time you have to spend in the shower, washing up or SPF," says dermatology, Marnie Nussbaum, New York.

Thus, note:

~ Short showers ~

Washing for minutes and a half you risk water damage your skin lipids, which causes the latter to dry. It is suggested to use lukewarm water and maximum shower duration of 5 minutes. Try to wash it no more than once a day.

~ Body Moisturizer ~

Most people use solid soap for the body, which seriously damages the skin. Generally, the products in question have a pH between 9 to 12, while the skin pH is 5-6. Therefore, provide a liquid detergent that enables body hydration.

~ Drop Dead Cells ~

Try to remove the dead cells as long as you can. Just make sure not to cause irritation during friction. You should know that when the skin is dry, cellulite is even more noticeable. For this reason, "rinse" the skin by removing the undesirable particles.

~ Sun cream ~

A SPF 30 SPF sunscreen is more than enough. Apply 20 minutes before exposing it to the sun and repeat the process every two hours. This applies both to the body and to the face.

~ Double Moisture ~

For all those who think that much hydration during the summer period, where fat glands are more active than ever dangerous, DR. Nussbaum tells you not to worry.

"It's hard to overdo it with hydration. It's never enough. "

Allow the skin an external hydration (through cosmetic products) twice a day and drink plenty of water (internal hydration).