How to wear

12 types of underwear for 12 different occasions

Shkruar nga Anabel

11 Qershor 2019

We all agree that the footwear should fit in color and shape dresses. Likewise, their type varies depending on the moment they wear. Below you will find a detailed list of a variety of skirts for different days and moments.

~ Daily footwear ~

1. For romantic appointments, choose a pair of tantalums that pleasantly reveal the skin. You have the same thing in your hand.

2. To sleep, the following footwear is advised:

3. For days when you are in a period of time, the footwear should cover a good part of the ankles so that the line stays the best.

4. For the rest of the days, do not share your cotton footwear.

~ Footwear for fitness / physical activity ~

1. Yoga

2. Jumping


4. Run

~ Special clothing footwear ~

1. For skirts and dresses attached to the body (tanga)

2. For skirts / dresses that are likely to be translucent

3. For white skirts / dresses

4. For Shorts / Short Dresses