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Horoscope of betrayal: How each sign reacts

Shkruar nga Anabel

11 Qershor 2019

1- Dashi

If you go out to forgive a bet of betrayal, congratulations! You are among the luckiest people on this planet. The fiery ego will be injured so hard that he / she will throw everything behind. You will not understand the fact that you have preferred someone else instead of him / her and if you did, it means you never deserved it.

2 Demi

You have to pray and pray constantly, however with a Dem's sign the probability is high to have a second chance. The change destabilizes, which means that it is far simpler to give you thanks, than to resume everything from the beginning with a new partner.

3- Gemini

His / her reaction to betrayal may be unpredictable: either he may decide to retaliate or leave you convinced that he will find someone better.

4- Crab

Though it will be difficult to leave you, you will be able to take away your life forever. But surely it will not be delivered until you pay the wrong mistake.

5- Lion

The lion is very proud to forgive. You can continue to love you, but it is hard to stay with someone who has humiliated it in this form. Do not ask for forgiveness.

6 - Virgo

It would excuse you if you had good, but excellent reasons, and if you knew how to explain and argue properly. It is a very rational sign and uses the mind in heart issues.

7. Scales

Unlike Virgo, Libra tends to judge with heart, and if you still love it, you can forgive it in the name of your feelings. But be careful / because their heart can be broken so much that in another case there is no turning back.

8- Scorpio

First get ready for a terrible revenge. Then maybe you forgive me too, but believe us you will suffer too much!

9- Sagittarius

A Sagittarius easily forgives a betrayal, above all because I know very well that this could happen to him too. Here, so simple.

10- Capricorn

Remember any kind of opportunity you can forgive. In fact, do not even think about betraying it! If you betray a Capricorn, all of a sudden you become no one for him since it is very difficult to see you as before.

11- Aquarius

As a crazy lover that is, a sign of Aquarius always has the tendency to close one eye and forgive. It is in their nature to show sympathy anytime.

12- Pisces

What awaits you are repeated doubts, silence, anger, anxiety ... may have been pardoned at first sight but within him / her will never forgive you. It will never be like before.