Why does vagina after birth look different?

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Qershor 2019

The question that has often bothered us all is: How does the vagina appear after birth? Hurt? By sex when can you do it again? Then read here!

1. You may experience leakage after birth

After the arrival of the baby, you may have a hemorrhage for about 6 weeks. Take the first 10 days, wait too much leak and the color of the blood will be deep red. All this is normal, as the body is pulling out the uterine impurities after birth.

2. You may feel contracting

Shortly after birth you may feel severe abdominal pain after the muscles have been contracted during delivery and are now in the initial state.

3. The vagina may be hurt.

The question is not whether it will be hurt or not, but how much will it be. Although something like this depends on the type of birth, sometimes surgical interventions come in handy.

4. Periods will change

When the body starts ovulation again, you will see that periods will be different from what they were before their pregnancy. This is related to the hormonal change that changes in color or pain that comes with the cycle.

5.Yes, your vagina will be expanded

Anyway, over time it will go to its normal shape. Only if you have a healthy baby, then it is likely that things will not be as before.

5. Can urinate and not feel ...

The east weakens the pelvic part and the muscles that help to urinate the urinary bladder. In short: do not be surprised if during any physical activity or sneezing, you see yourself wet.

6. Have to wait up to 6 weeks to have sex!

It takes at least 6 weeks to restore your sexual activity. It is very important to give yourself and your vagina a little time off.

7. Orgasms will not be so strong.

When you return to sex again, it will seem to you that orgasms are not the same as before. Do not imagine. It's true.

8. While breastfeeding, your vagina may feel dry.