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The Princess discovered what her writing was about, now it's your turn!

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Qershor 2019

Not far behind 2 days ago, Meghan Markle had the chance to practice her favorite hobby during a visit to the elderly home.

During his stay, Sussex's Duchess helped them decorate part of the environment with handmade things and intimate wishes. If you did not know, the princess is more than fond of the calligraphy and her handwriting is almost unbelievable.

"Merry Christmas. With love, Meghan! "- so it's written in one of the décor and the fonts look so perfect that it's hard to believe that it's writing on the free hand.

Let's go to the next message and as you can see, the princess's writing is not only stylish but so sophisticated it can scarcely attract attention.

"I'm glad that even when nobody ever appreciates a handwriting, I can keep it alive," she said once and surely, Meghan knows the importance of writing to a man.

The way we write shows much about our character and what we see, its writing seems so, so the princess enjoys the features below.

Y and 1: Choose the friends carefully

Y and 2: You have broad society

Y 3: Die to Travel

Y-4: You like to have a good time at home

Were you curious about your writing ?! Find out below!

If you do big things, it means you want to be well-understood by others, but also draw your attention. The little letters show that you are timid and diligent and diligent.

The slope of writing is also important:

If the writing right on the right is very sensitive, sociable and well connected with friends and family.

If there is no slope then you are led by logic and not feelings.

If the stationary lettering from the left is career and very reserved.

The pressure you exercise on the pen will also help you to know yourself more.

Much pressure: I experienced things a lot, you have strong emotions and react without thinking twice.

Little Pressure: Do not mind too much, take your life as you come.

Another way to understand yourself? The space or its absence in the upper part of the letter.

Such a L indicates that you have great dreams for the future and hope that everything will be realized.

Meanwhile, the following L-word means that your dreams and hopes are suppressed

Likewise, the curved T-shirt shows that you are sensitive to criticism and paranoid, while the second T says that you work hard, you are disciplined and self-contained.

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