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Do not even think about ticking a baby!

Shkruar nga Anabel

10 Qershor 2019

Joking a baby can be fun, but it's actually just as damaging. Although most of us have heard that such a thing is recommended, tickling does not end with the child's smile. Why should you think twice before you or someone else teases the bebush?

1. Just laughing does not mean you like what you are doing.

Even if they hate it completely, they will laugh again. This makes parents think they are enjoying when not really. Tickling does not create the same sensation as what we have when someone makes us laugh with a joke.

2. You are trying to "dominate"

A man tickling, loses self-control. This is not good for a child who is building his personality.

3. Tickling has tortured people for decades!

Did you know that tickling was a way of torture? Because it leaves no mark, the victim could recover easily and quickly. Studies show that tickling, besides causing severe psychological consequences, can cause a person to lose consciousness, vomit or breathlessness.

4. Remember your child can not tell you enough!

It seems to stop! Despite seeing them laughing, their breathing is difficult and they can not tell you to stop.

5. Say Better "I Love You"!

Of course parents want the best for their baby and an action like this sounds fun. Avoid better for all the reasons mentioned above and the other. In addition, always ask if you can touch your baby, It is he who decides about his body. By contrast, simply express your love.