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"The Curse of La Llorona," where is the most fearsome movie of the moment?

Shkruar nga Anabel

20 Prill 2019

Fact: If horror films are based on true stories or legends of different regions, they are much more frightening. "The Curse of La Llorona" is Conjuring Universe's sixth film (after The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, The Nun, Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation) and aired on US cinemas on April 19th.

What does the movie say? Anna, a social worker, investigates the case of two boys seemingly ill-treated by her mother. As their bodies appear in a river, Anna's, Samantha, and Chris's children show the same marks as the other two boys in the body. After that, Anna begins to think that a supernatural force is following her family.

According to legend where the film was based, a beautiful woman named Maria was betrayed by her husband. As a way to retaliate, she killed two people he wanted more in life: the children. After the macabre event, her screams were heard throughout the village. The name means "the crying woman".

But is it just a scary story, right? Some legends say La Llorona goes around the world in search of other children who want to kill them because they can not enjoy their children.

Its figure is closely related to specific regions in Mexico and the surrounding regions, who believe in its existence. Isla de Las Muñecas is a small place where people swear that their calls can be heard.

In these cultures, rituals are applied to keep the spirit away from the children (crosses, light, prayer).

So if you are looking for a more terrific version of Medea, enjoy a glimpse.