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Olta Boka makes public engagement: With him, the ring!

Shkruar nga Anabel

25 Mars 2019

Today, Olta Boka was invited to Rudina, who among other things claimed to be engaged with her long-time partner, lawyer Ivi Rrokaj, the son of one of the former SMI deputies, Shezai Rrokaj.

Although recently, in an interview for "Thumb," Boka said he prefers to keep Ivin away from news and rumors in the media by saying exactly "I tried to avoid the topic as much as possible, then begin to make a resume of life, Today's afternoon, Olta seems to be thinking of telling us much more.

"I'm in another phase of my relationship, I'm engaged. The fact that I was even more persistent not to tell was just the idea that my partner is just called Olta Boka's fiancé. He is an individual who works hard for his career and I do not want to be attributed only to the word: the fiancée of Olta Boca. "

In the conversation, the singer told the public about the engagement ring:

Boka himself confessed that Ivi Rrokaj is a lawyer and lecturer at the Faculty of Law and was initially acquainted with the school and then through some of the common friends.

But wait, there is still.

The owl also confessed that they have not yet planned marriage (although, as he himself said, "is something I believe will come normally") and that she as a woman greatly appreciates the family.

"I think the family is the greatest and most sacred investment you can make. Life would not be so beautiful without a family. "

For the first time, couple photos circulated through the 2017 summer portal, as the couple stayed in the south of the country.