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5 places in Tirana where you can have a delicious meal of the morning

Shkruar nga Anabel

25 Mars 2019

Based on a questionnaire developed on our Instagram site, anabel_hostel, we discovered (according to our followers) the 5 best places in Tirana, where the most delicious brunch service, which is nothing but a morning later, more precisely, a meal between breakfast and lunch, mainly served from 10:00 to 12:00, or in some places at 14:00.

Since croissant is a worthy companion of this intermediate meal, at the end of the article you will get acquainted with 5 other places holding the larynx to lick your fingers.

Note: The following rankings are not random, but are based on the frequency of your answers for each alternative.

So, without much lengthening, 5 places to eat an early lunch meal are:

Çoko Bistro Bar


Stephen Center

Hilton Garden Inn

Here you go

Move to the blessed crooked.

According to our followers, the top is:

Flair (Durrës)

Then Italian Cioccolati


Pastiçeri Venezia

Le Bon