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Why do you need to be a lady of Dashi's sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

19 Mars 2019

She may think that love is all her existence, but being involved in her very own life, she does not think love can be the beginning and end of life. A lady of Dash's character can live the only life without a man in her arms, more easily than any other woman you've met.

Of course, living alone, without a partner in the arm, is not the same as living without romance and love. She will always need the hero of her dreams to win her heart. However, if she does not have a whopping partner, she may not feel much of her absence. She thinks that whatever he does, he can do it much better times.

Dashi's daughter is the kind of woman she wants to do things without the help of anyone, the less a man. Not! It will open the door, wear the coat, solve its own personal and professional problems and battles, or simply ignite the cigarette without the help of someone in the arm.

According to her, doing the things themselves is the quickest way to realize them. The daughter, led by Mars, is determined to take the lead, to be the first to act, and this includes making the first move into a love affair. You need to be very careful about the movements you have to do with a Daughter's daughter. She wants to be the leader in the love affair. Before you stick it from the waist and kiss it, you need to make sure that you have won the heart. Otherwise, I can give you a strong blow to the jaw and run like a scared coward.

Such a woman should be proud of you to love you.

She puts the boyfriend on the pedestal, waiting for him to stand there as an image of perfection. He refuses to see him, even his feet, the fewer others. Never criticize your boyfriend, your spouse or the children of a Dash woman if you do not want to get acquainted with her service. He is very capable of being selfish, bitter and bitter with words, if you break the hopeful plans. However, it may also be gentle, devoted and cooperative; always appreciates you positively.

Girl Dash wants to resign absolute freedom, both before and after marriage. You must have absolute trust wherever you go and in everything you do, even though it will not have that kind of trust in you. It's not as bad as it sounds, because this woman will be completely loyal to you after it's yours.

As a housewife, it can be helpful. It will not be one that would prefer to stay home, because every home is too small for its creative energy. You will rarely hear of complaining of illness or fatigue. But when there is pain, you will receive many sympathy and support.

Keep passion and romance alive in marriage, or a lady of Dash's sign will be dissatisfied. Aries does not waste time trying to change unkind situations. This can therefore lead to hasty breakdown or impulsive divorce.

Dash Girl will help you find your lost illusions and will have a great faith in all of your dreams. You do not have any dreams? You can then borrow from it. There is a lot to give you.

Note: The characters refer to those of the famous astrologer Linda Goodman *