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Agnesa Vuthaj, for leaving her late father: 'We learned to live and appreciate the moment'

Shkruar nga Anabel

18 Mars 2019

Eight years ago, Agnesa Vuthaj's father would be separated from life. A few hours ago, through a picture of the past and some words from the heart, the model reminded her father again. Let this post serve as an important reminder to forgive more of the love of the people you have and above all, to know the importance of every moment, hour, day.

"Baba, we remind you of love and affection every day, every week, month, and year that are so long for the good we feel for you, but so close to the pain we feel deep in the heart, even when we smile in the face! 8 years without you taught me to face every challenge in life with your head up, as we faced your flight from this world; keeping in mind the phrase you always say: "The dead with the dead, the living with the living"! We were taught to live without your presence, but we learned to appreciate the presence of our loved ones and loved ones in our lives. We learned to live and appreciate the moment because nothing is permanent ... But in our memories you will always be there, smiling and loving, ideal guide, example of kindness, respect and love for family and friends, for the 47 generations that educated by you, for all those who know you and speak proudly of the traces you have left in their lives, to remember as a guide to the spiritual, family and national ideals! We will continue to live to make you proud, until our next meeting! Feel so close to Baba, as if I did this picture on our last trip together! 18:03. 2011. "

We remind you that a few days ago, another thrilling post came from Ajola Xoxa, for the unforgettable memory of the father.