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Keisi, the woman who chose to forgive

Shkruar nga Denisa Skodi

18 Mars 2019

Starting from a few hours ago (which is already deleted) from Stress partner, Keisi thought we would stop for a few moments and invite you to talk about a heart issue.

"If we were away 10 days, months or years, 100 would have expected!" She wrote.

As you know, Stress is still in jail, following the arrest of October 17, 2018. Although the partner was found in a cocaine, gun and another girl's room, Keisi decided not only to stay with him, but to publicly support him showing to anyone that despite everything, for love is in the foreground.

The new choice he made was fourfold hard: he had to admit the fact that the event was already heard by anyone, that Stress was accused of drug vendor orientation, was in the room with another woman, and in case he did not it was known for how long it would be away from him. However, Keisus chose not to stepej, nor to victimize (it could have been her golden moment for a little show and fame) but could possibly take the risk of quickly considering the "weaker" mass or even worse , "idiot". This is because of the fact that the rules of this society have fueled us with the idea of punishing betrayal and postponing to disrespect.

If today is to be split if Keys (in its place may have been / have been many of us) has done good or bad, it should be said that at the end of the day all is a matter of personal morality and choice. As long as something you do makes you feel good, it has hardly been wrong.