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Title: We say Fifi yes YES, men also deal with blah!

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Mars 2019

As I was looking for the next news, I fired Fifi's response to Mentor Haziri's statement on the artist's stoning. Fixed what I was looking for: a collision of artists, readers love "fuck" and all this is translated as you want clicks. While I wrote what Fifi preferred to use as an argument to counterbalance this line here:

"I'm sorry that an artist is still dealing with something he has gone through and does not deal with projects as easily as women. Above all, you are a male. "

Telling you the right attracted me attention, even now that I think well enough turned it off not to leave the post in question at the simple reporting stage. I find it intolerable, or rather naive to tell a man to go about doing things without doing what is said to be only in women; word word word! I do not pretend to be a feminist (at least I think so), but I do not even see the smallest reason that in the debate (and not only) to give the opposing party the luxury of my own self-understatement, by myself.

Before we can paint giant banners on March 8th or embark on inspirational speeches by X or Y the famous woman in the world, be careful first of all about how we refer to our kind. And no, this does not have to do with Fifin personally, though fortune tells Fifi to say good-bye and how well he did! Otherwise we would never think of remembering the eternal refrain, "women deal with gossip," which we use without problem in the eyes of our husband, boyfriend or colleague and at the end of the day we complain that they told us to deal with blah. How dare you once!

I suspect that a man in Fifi's circumstances acted the same way as her, to respond with self-reliance. It should be understood that the problem is not exactly the action (by the end who said it is bad or good to deal with words) than to the connotation of saying something that implies something wrong. This cen is supposed to be the character of the feminine world, that a man is not a shadow. Add to this the fact that all this was said by a woman himself. Terrible!

Be careful next time. Until then, look at the next globe.

PS: Men also deal with bribes. At least those I know!