If tonight you see one of these dreams, the explanation is this!

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Mars 2019

The same dream several times

This means that something new is expected to come to your life, something related to the dream sequences, so its repetition is a way to attract your attention. Or, it's about something that annoys you systematically and knows that it's time to choose.

To fly

If you look like flying high, or without an airplane it means you have the creativity and the ability to deal in many situations.

Run or feel like someone is being pushed from behind

This implies that someone is going to be bad and doing all you can to do things wrong.

To see yourself naked

This is a dream that is often seen and from a good part. It means you are transparent and open to people, but that can be another way of saying that someone close to you needs to open up with you.

To be in the school premises

It is about a stage in which you are learning a lot, or something new, unheard of before that you have been impressed and thoughtful.

Being pregnant

Generally we are used to hearing that a dream child means a hall that is expected to pass. Some other dream readers say pregnancy often symbolizes a new life expectancy that is expected to come.

Change your life

Dreaming is a transformation. For the most varied reasons, the foundations of your principles, ideas, or dreams have shaken well and you have started to see the world differently.

To kiss

For the most part this dream is seen when you are at the beginning of a romance. You are so happy that dreams could not be different!