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Mentor Haziri-Fifi Clash: Why? 'Your Psychopathy'

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Mars 2019

Recently invited to "Mirage", artist Mentor Haziri showed something more about the situation last year, where in the "Magic Song 2018" the artist surprised all by voting Fifi and MC Kreshë competing with just 4 points.

"It was just the weaker performance of the festival. Stonatura has been tremendous. It was not a bad song, it was good. Unfortunately, I know what happened to him both with Fifin and with Kreshë. "Adding that Kresha had problems with the headset while Fifi" just was not in the best possible moments that night, has had many times, pretty stonatura. "

Further on, the Mentor again emphasized how the song evaluated but as a performance not. We remind you that on the second semifinal night, MC Kresha appeared tense in the backstage because he could not hear himself while singing.

"I have not heard anything. I sang with imagination. "It was heard by the rapper, through a video that then floated on the Internet.

Fifi, meanwhile, overly thrilled to perform a song he liked when he was introduced appeared to have lost control of the stage. At that time, there were numerous comments from fans who considered disappointing performance.

Haziri also mentioned the evaluation part in the "Magic Song" by disagreeing on determining the winner by the scores given by the artists themselves.

"There is another phenomenon that annoys the artist. I do not think the artist should vote for the artist, there must be a jury."

Based on the Mentor statement, Fifi reacted a few hours ago through this post on Instagram Story:

"First, I'm so sorry that the success of the song" Your Psychopath "is hurting you. Again, I'm sorry you're not in the artistic form you were at the time you worked with genuine producers. It's a bit of a downturn to get out of here today and say things to do with point work, when you believe you are among those you've worked with. I'm sorry that an artist is still dealing with something he has gone through and does not deal with projects just as bad as women. Above all, you are a male. I'm sorry you took 3 years part in the same festival that they did not change the rules. Yyyyy has long been not remembered since the "Magic Song" voted jury. "

Further on,

"Thank God that I have ignored, thank God that we have had problems ... but one thing you forgot to say. Along with 3000 people in the Hall of Congress Hall we sang the song I of Kresha .... we stoned with all the Albanians who were there and those who followed the festival from the TV ..., "because our song has not bad "! The jury may even have appreciated your vocal accuracy, but my angle with the Crown and Flori won is being heard and sung by the public. After you leave talking to me I'm sorry that many of the best songs have not entered the final. Tomorrow, my beloved lord, if you're going to be a jury festival again, you're about to hear about the most heard songs of the festival, which also JUMPED CORRUPTED JURY. One thing you remember; the beloved arstist public can not corrupt. "