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5 questions that will catch you by surprise!

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Mars 2019

If, as you believe in the art of asking, in this article you will find 5 psychological questions that help you understand something more about yourself or others.

Why can not you do it to your loved ones, friends, or anyone else?

Purpose: The answer to this question helps to quantify the level of fatalism and attitude towards life in general. , you can understand the level of fatalism of a person and their attitude to life in general.

Learn something more about self esteem, confidence, and strengths / weaknesses of yourself / someone else.

The answer is about standards of morality and seduction against others.

Likewise, for the same purpose:

And finally:

If men and women lived in two different planets, how would each of them be?

Purpose: Learn more about trials, the presence of stereotypes (or not), and whether responses will be creative / logical or ordinary.