Keshilla Arredimi

From toothbrush to phone: 7 things that need NOT to be kept in the toilet

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Mars 2019

Some products are specifically designed to be kept in the bathroom, while others may be hazardous.


The bath is a damp ground, perfect for mold making and towels are very sensitive at this point. Keep your towels in a closet and do not hang them up in the toilet for days.

Robe de chambre

Another ironic advice: Take off the robe de chambe. Wet clothes keep bacteria and moisture gives them unpleasant flavor.

imitation jewelry

Not in vain, jewels are kept in specific boxes as they are certainly damaged by the warm temperatures. So keep them in a cool place and make sure you put them in a practical box.


All the rumors you heard are true. Yes, brushes should not be kept in the bathroom. A Manchester University study in 2012 found 10 million bacteria in a single brush. To keep the brush away from the microbes, dry them slightly after use and place in an enclosed (closet).

Make-up products

Cosmetic products fall prey to bacteria and mold as a result of excessive moisture. Brushes should be kept in a cool, dust-free place.


Warm temperatures negatively affect the composition of perfumes by transforming their scent.

Electronic devices

How do you want to listen to music while showering? More. However, this causes serious damage to the phone. If you are unable to do a shower without music, make sure you get waterproof stuff.